Simplify your life

By consuming Scientiae nubem cloud services designed specially for Research & Education community. All provided services include educational discounts through simplified legal any pricing models.

Simplify consumption of cloud services

Scientiae nubem is focused to simplify consumption of cloud services by consolidating contracts, overcoming legal restrictions and providing technical simplification through a central G√ČANT authentication system (eduGAIN). Beside legal and technical benefits Scientiae nubem has a business plan to regularly add new cloud services with a goal of general satisfaction of its customers.

Online portal service

Service management is performed through online service portal, where users, depending on their privileges can manage their service portfolio, administer their institutional and personal profiles, and transfer their entitlements to other institutions and users. Real time reporting and monitoring is also available including current customer expenses, estimates of monthly expenses, and other reporting tools. It also includes online payment system.

Research & Education Community

One of the main issues that institutions from R&E world are facing is the lack of understanding from commercial vendors about their specific needs. Commercial vendors are usually working with R&E community on margins of their business. That's the reason why we have dedicated our work specifically to this community, designing and providing services that are already custom tailored for specific educational needs. We are here for you!

Institutions and individual users

We have implemented a hierarchical system, where institution can award their entitlements to other institutions and/or individual users. In R&E application that means that services can be contracted and/or paid by NRENs, and enabled to their Universities and to the end users of the Universities. The flexibility of this system enables all possible variations of who is contractor, who is users, and who pays for the service. There is also possibility that fro some services end users (individuals) can get entitlements from their NREN or University, but for some other services they can pay by themselves. This level of flexibility in unique to our services.

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